“You can’t determine your background, but you can determine your future”

Emmanuel, 35 year old, Cloud Engineer

When you hear it takes a village to raise a child, that’s my story.

My community contributed to send me to university, and I couldn’t afford to blow it up.

Beside contributing to supporting me through JAMB and getting admitted into the university, when I left for school, I got ₦20,000 as support from my community. Knowing where I came from, and that that was likely going to be the only monetary support I was going to receive from home, I had to look for a means to survive through school.

I took on some undergraduate jobs available in school, tutored some of my lecturers’ and church members’ kids. While at it, I ensured that my education did not suffer because many people were counting on me. Plus, I was also very hungry for wealth, this prompted me to read a lot of books and research on how to make money. This was how I learnt to save and invest.

While I spent a fraction of my earnings sustaining myself, I saved the rest. From my savings, I was able to invest. I developed this culture as early as 100level, and it saved me.

After school, I got a scholarship to do my M.Sc. in the UK and my savings and investments came through for me. I was able to combine funds from my savings and interests from my investments with other cash gifts I got to sort my travel arrangements.

You can’t determine your background, but you can determine your future. I planned mine by making the right financial decisions.

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