March 2018
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Asset Management

Our Asset Management team is dedicated to managing the assets of our clients, while they have total control over their assets and money. We seek to provide top-notch investment solutions to an array of investors who have a broad range of financial requirements including achieving capital growth, capital preservation or a mix of both. Using a wide range of special purpose unitized schemes in fixed income securities, equities and real estate, we manage clients’ investment portfolios directly or as pooled investments. We have a large client base including individuals, institutions such as insurance companies, fund managers, end of service benefit schemes, endowment funds and other special purpose funds. read more…

Our range of investment management services include:


  • Segregated Portfolios
  • Pooled Portfolios
  • Structured Products


  • Pooled Portfolios
  • Structured Products

Financial Advisory

Many times, organizations need to make financial decisions and handle situations requiring expertise that is beyond their internal capacities or resources. Our Financial Advisory Services professionals deliver specialised, suitable and objective financial advice for organizations to clearly understand their options, opportunities and exposures. We provide tailored investment advice to clients with respect to a broad range of unique financial more…

To do this, we adopt a three-phased business approach

  • We identify the objectives of the client
  • We develop and implement a financial plan to achieve the objectives
  • We monitor and review the financial plan

The quality of our advice embraces all the attributes of fundamental analysis and due diligence required for and suitable to each client. In essence, our financial advisory team helps clients to develop effective financial solutions to achieve their aspirations for long-term capital growth.