The Coral Balanced Fund– CBF was established in February 1, 2001 and is a an actively
managed, equities-based, open-ended unit trust scheme designed to enable investors
achieve capital growth over the long-term.

The CBF pools money from subscribers to invest in large capitalization equity and debt securities quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange as well as fixed income securities in the money market.

To achieve capital growth over the long term, the CBF can have a larger proportion of its assets, a maximum of 65% invested in equity securities while the balance of 35% will be invested in fixed income securities.

Equity securities refer to stocks or shares of companies that are quoted on a stock exchange while fixed income securities are issued by both governments and companies as a means of raising money to finance their business activities in the short to medium term.

Returns achieved on investments in equity securities typically outperform returns achieved by investments on fixed income securities over the same period and over the long-term.

The Coral Income Fund – CIF was established in May 2006. It is an actively managed, income-based, open-ended unit trust scheme designed to enable investors set money aside for the future while preserving their consistent flow of income.

Our Track record

The Manager has a proven performance track record achieving an annual average return of 9.17% from inception in 2006 to August 31, 2017 thus outperforming the 91 Day Treasury Bills for the same period at 8.46%. The growth in the CIF implies that an investment of N1 million at inception would have grown to approximately N2.44 million by August 31, 2017.


Liquid nature of your investment

The CIF is a liquid investment as investors may redeem their holdings from the Manager within 5 business days from the redemption request at the prevailing bid price irrespective of prevailing market conditions.

 Less administrative burden

The Manager of the CIF ensures that the investor is relieved of the burden of deciding what to buy or sell, liaising with multiple financial institutions and tracking maturity dates as well as interest or coupon due on their investments. In essence, the objective of the Manager is always in tune with that of the client. There are no commissions; therefore, you get unbiased advice.

Low transaction costs

All transaction costs are borne by all CIF subscribers, thereby reducing the average transaction cost per unit to the investor, resulting into a higher yield.