March 2018
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Coral Income Fund

The Coral Income Fund (CIF) is an open ended, income-based unit trust scheme. Launched in May 2006, the Fund’s structure permits a maximum investment of 30% in quoted equities, while the balance is invested in high-quality fixed-income securities and the money market.

The primary objective of the CIF is to achieve capital preservation over the long-term and provide investors with an investment outlet that provides stable but competitive returns in excess of inflation. In addition, this Fund enables investors to preserve capital while achieving stable and consistent income flow.

To access this scheme, initial investors are required to invest a minimum sum of N5,000, while an additional minimum investment of N5, 000 can be made subsequently. (Redemption of funds can be done by filling out a redemption form and sending to the Fund Manager, FSDH AM).

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The CIF is most suitable for individual investors with low risk appetite such as retirees, pensioners and institutional investors such as retirement benefit schemes, insurance companies, co- operatives, endowment funds, fund managers, banks, investment clubs and associations amongst others.

The CIF gift certificates are also available for a minimum investment sum of N5,000. This means that the investments in the CIF can now be issued as a gift to loved ones on the arrival of babies, birthdays and other celebrations.

It is also open to Nigerians who live outside the country as well as other foreign individual & institutional investors.


Return on Investment

The CIF enables investors achieve returns over the long term through economies of scale.

Safe and Secure Investment

The CIF invests mainly in a diversified pool of investment grade fixed income securities, thus enabling investors to preserve capital, achieve stable returns and consistent income flows.

Liquidity of your Investment

The CIF is a highly liquid investment as unit holders can redeem their investment within five business days.

Enhanced Efficiency of your Investments

Due to its pooled nature, the CIF significantly reduces transaction costs of the individual investor, leading to higher yields.

Diversification of your Investment

The CIF is an alternative asset to be included in investors’ total investment portfolio, serving as a benchmark for other investments. The diversified nature of this scheme implies that investors in the CIF are investors in several investment grade instruments at the same time.

Professional Expertise of the Manager

With the expertise and efficiency of the manager, investors are relieved of the day-to-day administrative burdens of making investment decisions and tracking income and benefits due on their investments.


Investments in the CIF can also serve as collateral for a facility from any financial institution, subject to their internal credit policy

Savings Vehicle

The CIF serves as a perfect way to help investors establish and manage a savings plan that can serve as a pension plan, asset replacement plan, health plan and education plan amongst others.  On a regular basis, investors in the CIF can increase their investment in the Fund, by either transferring additional funds or by issuing a direct debit instruction to their banks to credit same to the CIF. The Direct debit forms can be filled and submitted to the fund Manager for onward processing. Kindly contact the Fund manager for additional information on setting up a direct debit instruction.


  • I. Click on purchase order form below

  • II. Submit form and include the following documents with your application:

  • • Scanned passport photograph

  • • A valid means of identification

  • • Copy of utility bill issued within the last 90 days.

  • III. Transfer funds to the specific account.