Coral Income Funds


The CIF is an actively managed, open-ended, unit trust scheme that invests exclusively in fixed income securities and money market instruments. It invests mainly in investment grade fixed income securities and money market instruments. The main investment objective is to enable investors achieve stable and consistent income flows. It provides investors with monthly indicative yield on their investment.

The minimum amount required for initial investment is N5,000.00 and subsequent inflow of N5,000.00.The CIF was launched in 2006 and is registered by the Nigerian Securities & Exchange Commission and listed on the daily official list of The Nigerian Stock Exchange

Redemptions can be made within 48hours.

This is an SEC registered open ended unit trust scheme, which can invest up to 100% in the money market and fixed income securities. The fund has a memorandum listing on The Nigerian Stock Exchange (The NSE) and is suitable for investors seeking to preserve and grow their capital.

The Fund’s structure permits a maximum investment of 30% in quoted equities, while the balance is invested in high-quality fixed-income securities and the money market.


  • Currency is Naira
  • Liquid investment, as redemption can be made within 48 hours
  • Minimum investment of N5, 000.00 and subsequent investment of N5, 000.00 thereafter.
  • Invests 100% in fixed income securities and money market instruments
  • Lower risk due to a pool of diverse investments
  • Assets are held by an independent Custodian, in line with SEC requirements
  • Can be purchased as a gift certificate for loved ones


  • Relatively high return on investment
  • Capital preservation and appreciation
  • Opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio with as low as N5,000.00
  • Can be used as a savings plan towards specific events
  • Outperforms 91-day TB rate